What We Do



We have a program for every budget.  We will work with you to maximize your dollars and create the best possible website and marketing plan to dramatically increase your business.

WEBSITES:   Websites are moving targets. The price will depend upon the number of pages, types of pages, listings etc.  We will discuss your needs and desires as well as your budget to determine what type of site best suits your needs.


HOSTING:    You're site requires a hosting service to appear on the internet.  We use Wix to host your site. They are a leader in the field and are both affordable and reliable.   Their fees are incorporated into our monthly maintenance fee.

MAINTENANCE:      With your Maintenance Plan we will make sure that your site is always up and running, all links are working and it is up to date.  We will make changes and additions as needed.  Today's websites require updating often to maintain a "current look and feel."  Changes to your site should not be a hassle, nor should they be expensive.   With your Maintenance Plan, we are available to answer any questions that may arise, make changes as needed, and update the site as appropriate.  








Once you decide upon which options you would like to explore, we will discuss the details and price ranges with you to find a plan that meets your budget.


Once a Plan of Action is decided upon, we ask for one-half of the total fee to be paid before commencing work and the final one-half paid just prior to publishing the site or finalizing any other work.

We use secure Quickbooks invoicing.  An invoice is sent directly to your email inbox. You can pay by ACH bank transfer, by credit card, or check.

PayPal or Stripe provide a secure payment plan for monthly subscriptions.